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Raw Honey - Locally Harvested

Purity Honey proudly provides raw, natural, and deliciously sweet honey Redlands Bayside wide.

Our honey is ethically sourced and locally harvested, with hives based in the sunny Redlands Bayside area. This allows our bees to harvest pollen from local blooms, specific to the Bayside area, giving our honey a unique coastal and floral flavour.

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Ethically Sourced Honey - For Happy, Healthy Bees

At Purity Honey, our primary focus is on bee health and hive prosperity, and harvesting honey is a happy byproduct. As such, all of our honey is ethically sourced. Many commercial apiaries disregard what’s best for their bees and use inhumane practises to unnaturally increase their honey output.

In contrast, Purity Honey only use ethical extraction and sustainable beekeeping methods to ensure that the health and welfare of our bees always comes first.

Single Source Honey - For Unique Flavours

The benefit of single source honey is the unique flavours it provides. This is because every batch comes from one apiary site and one time period, making the honey specific to a time and place. Often, this means that the pollen for the honey is sourced from a single flower type, allowing the honey to take on its unique flavour characteristics.

Unique Coastal & Floral Flavour

Our hives are based in the Redlands bayside area which lends our honey a unique coastal and floral flavour. Additionally, we always allow our honey to be fully capped or fully cured. This ensures that the honey is allowed to mature completely before it is extracted, which adds a richness to the honey’s flavour.

If you’re looking for locally and ethically harvested raw honey Redlands Bayside, look no further than Purity Honey. Call us today on 0403 978 322 to try our local made honey.

Cold Extracted Honey - For Added Health Benefits

Purity honey offers raw, cold extracted honey. This means that unlike most honeys on supermarket shelves, our honey is not heated or pasteurized. This helps to maintain the integrity of the honey’s flavours as well as its natural health benefits.

Typically, honey is heated to speed up the production process. However, the heating or pasteurization of honey also strips it of the pollens, enzymes, and nutrients that provide natural health benefits such as improving sleep and digestion, increasing energy, and balancing the metabolism.

Although honeys labelled ‘raw’ in the supermarket may not have been pasteurized, it is not guaranteed that the honey wasn’t heated, altering the flavours and delicate properties in the process.

For top quality honey, always look for raw honey that has not been heated. Purity Honey provides cold extracted honey for vibrant flavours as well as the natural health benefits.

Purity Honey Redlands Bayside

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome pure Australian honey! Have been purchasing honey from here for a while now and we won’t go anywhere else. 5 star product and service.

Peter W

Great tasting pure honey. Love to support a fantastic local product. My 4 year old is always wanting to go back to see the bee man.

David N

The honey is absolutely amazing, tastes so pure and fresh. 100% recommend trying

Monique C