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Raw, Natural Honeycomb

Honeycomb is one of the best ways to enjoy honey in its freshest, most natural state. Honeycomb is a delicious, sweet, and nutritious snack with a variety of uses. It’s the perfect addition to any cheese boards and food platters, and can also be used in your favourite teas and smoothies for added flavour.

Purity Honey produces 100% natural, unprocessed and deliciously sweet honeycomb, direct from the hive and ready to eat.

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The Natural Health Benefits of Honeycomb

Along with adding fullness to the honey’s texture, the wax of the honeycomb also provide an array of natural health benefits. In fact, honeycomb has been known to help with common respiratory conditions as well as hay fever, sinus issues, and digestion.

Similar to the honey that we produce, our honeycomb is rich with the pollen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and aromatics that naturally occur in wild beehives. Our minimal contact harvesting process ensures that all of the natural goodness of the honeycomb remains from when it is collected until it reaches your doorstep. This allows you to enjoy the sweet, floral flavours of our honeycomb as well as all of the natural health benefits it provides.

Honey With A Unique Floral Flavour

Our hives are located in the always sunny Redlands Bayside area. This gives our honey the unique, coastal, floral notes that you will only get from honey collected nearby. Our honey remains unheated and unprocessed right to your doorstep to help it retain as much of its natural vibrancy and unique flavour as possible.

All of our honey products, including honeycomb, are ethically sourced. In fact, the health of our bees and natural hive prosperity is our top focus.

Purity Honey provides natural, unprocessed honey and raw honeycomb Redlands Bayside wide.

Honeycomb Straight From The Hive

Eating honeycomb is the most natural and healthy way to eat honey. This is because honeycomb is about as natural as a product gets, cut straight from the hive and completely untouched by human hands.

Honeycomb captures the delicious and fragrant golden honey in the wax cells of the comb. Additionally, the texture of the wax adds body to the honey for a more luxurious texture.

If you’re looking for Australian made, ethically sourced raw honey and honeycomb with a unique coastal flavour, Purity Honey is the number one choice. Call us today on 0403 978 322 to try our naturally healthy and delicious honeycomb!

Purity Honey Redlands Bayside

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome pure Australian honey! Have been purchasing honey from here for a while now and we won’t go anywhere else. 5 star product and service.

Peter W

Great tasting pure honey. Love to support a fantastic local product. My 4 year old is always wanting to go back to see the bee man.

David N

The honey is absolutely amazing, tastes so pure and fresh. 100% recommend trying

Monique C