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Ethically Sourced Honey - Redlands Bayside

With hives based in the sunny, subtropical Redlands Bayside, Purity honey provides raw and unprocessed local honey Redlands Bayside wide as well as to the surrounding area. For the Purity Honey team, the health and happiness of our bees, as well as natural hive prosperity is our top priority. We do not use artificial or harmful techniques to trick our bees into producing more honey than they naturally would.

Our bees live comfortably as they would in the wild, but without the scourge of pests and disease. The safe and healthy environment that we provide for our bees allows them to naturally produce far more honey than the colony needs. And as a happy by product, we are able to harvest that delicious excess honey for local distribution.

We offer raw, locally harvested honey for sale Redlands Bayside wide including Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Cleveland, Redland Bay, Thornlands, Victoria Point, and Wellington Point.

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Awesome pure Australian honey! Have been purchasing honey from here for a while now and we won’t go anywhere else. 5 star product and service.

Peter W

Raw, Cold-Extracted Honey - Redlands

Our honey is completely raw and straight from the hive, untreated, unprocessed, and unheated. This means that all of the natural goodness and health benefits of the honey aren’t stripped away during the production process.

If you’re looking for all natural honey with authentic, unaltered flavours, ensure that the honey is labelled as both ‘raw’ and ‘cold-extracted’. This guarantees that the honey was not heated during the extraction or bottling process for a richer, floral flavour.

honey redlands bayside
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Local Honey With A Unique Coastal Flavour

Our local bee hives mean that our bees can collect pollen from the region’s flowers. This allows the honey that they produce to take on the unique characteristics of our local blooms.

We treat each of our bees and the honey that they produce with respect. This means that we do not harvest the honey until it is fully capped, ensuring that the honey has time to fully mature, adding a richness to the flavour.

Additionally, our minimal-touch harvesting methods ensure that the honey that our customers receive is as close in taste as possible to the glossy golden honey still in the hive. If you’re looking for a natural honey provider in the Redlands area, you can’t go past Purity Honey.

Supplying Natural Honey To Bayside Locals, Cafes & Restaurants

The Redlands Bayside area is the perfect combination of city and seaside. There’s plenty to do here, from fishing off the jetty to exploring our local boutiques and markets where you’ll find our raw, unprocessed Purity Honey. Our delicious local honey and all-natural honeycomb are the perfect addition to your beachside picnic.

We also offer regular supply of our delicious honey to local restaurants and cafes in the Bayside area. If you own a cafe or restaurant in the Redlands Bayside area, give us a call on 0403 978 322 to give our honey a try!

Purity Honey Redlands Bayside

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome pure Australian honey! Have been purchasing honey from here for a while now and we won’t go anywhere else. 5 star product and service.

Peter W

Great tasting pure honey. Love to support a fantastic local product. My 4 year old is always wanting to go back to see the bee man.

David N

The honey is absolutely amazing, tastes so pure and fresh. 100% recommend trying

Monique C